Capt. Spanky can do as the Romans do

  • Published
  • By Capt. Spanky
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Hello all! I have to say, being stationed in Germany offers a variety of culture and beauty that many locations cannot. Not only does this location allow my humans and me to enjoy the wonders of Germany but also of other countries, such as Italy! In just a short, two-hour flight, one can find themselves in the amazing city of Rome! Just thinking about the sights, the sounds and the food that I could get there just has my little nub wagging! There is just so much to do. I could go to the Roman Colosseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater. I could stand on the same grounds where the gladiators fought. I'm not much of a barker, but can you just imagine my voice being heard over a structure that could seat 50,000 people? Or, maybe I could take my humans to see the Roman Pantheon. It's the most preserved building of ancient Rome. I don't know about you, but a building that has been standing for more than 1,800 years is quite impressive to me. It stands as one of the more stunning aspects of ancient Roman architecture. Also, did you know that it is a temple dedicated to all of the gods of early Roman culture? Then, there are the Roman squares, or Piazzas. These squares are the access points to many of Rome's other attractions, and since there are quite a few, I can just see myself running and jumping from piazza to piazza (even though my human doesn't like me to run and jump). But how could I resist? I would be in areas that display more than 1,000 years of Roman history! I must admit that I am glad to have this opportunity to have such a wonderful city with so much culture and history in my backyard. I must be sure to take advantage of this great chance I've been given and get as much traveling in as I can!