Being a good sponsor

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kelly LeGuillon
  • 435th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Somebody once told me that a good sponsor is one who displays a sincere interest in making the transition of the newcomer and their family to their new environment as smooth as possible.

There are many resources available for sponsors to improve a newcomer's transition. The Airmen and Family Readiness offers assistance to both the sponsor and individuals arriving to the KMC. The A&FRC provides an assortment of materials to help the sponsor build the sponsor package.

A sponsorship training class is also available, providing an overview of the importance of good sponsorship, the negative results of bad sponsorship, how to assess the needs of the newcomer and the resources available to help the sponsors meet those needs. The class also provides a sponsor's guide book with a checklist of tasks to be accomplished, sample letters and forms to help keep track of newcomer's contact and flight information.

A sponsor should assess the needs of the new individual and provide them with additional information as needed. Information is available on various base agencies including the child development center or family child care office; youth services if they have school-age children; housing if they will be looking for quarters; and for those bringing furry friends, pet boarding.

A good sponsor helps the newcomer settle into their new home and duty station as smoothly and quickly as possible. Once their basic needs have been met they can start work and become productive.

The way a member is welcomed to the base or their unit, has a direct affect on their perception of the base, the unit and the people with whom they will be working. A smooth transition through effective sponsorship is an integral part of unit readiness.