569th USFPS Airmen train like they fight

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  • By Airman Jared Lovett
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The 569th United States Forces Police Squadron is all about training like they fight, to prepare them for their dangerous yet vitally important field.

569th USFPS Airmen trained during the month of December 2021, for their annual by-law training, where they familiarize themselves with tools such as the Taser gun, baton and de-escalation techniques.

“It brings familiarization,” said Master Sgt. Edwin Bowser, 569th USFPS training section chief. “We don’t want the first time that an Airman is employing one of these less-than-lethal weapons to be out in the field on a suspect. We want them to build confidence by utilizing these tools in a controlled environment.”

The Airmen begin the training with a class teaching them about the use of less-than-lethal weapons, such as the baton and the Taser gun, so that they can use them correctly and without excessive use of force. 

Afterward, they are tested to prove they have the understanding required to use a weapon such as the Taser X26P, which is only authorized for military personnel and law enforcement. 

Then, they have the option of feeling first-hand what it is like to be tased, which most of them have volunteered for at one point as a rule to themselves.

“It provides them with the opportunity to feel what neuromuscular incapacitation feels like,” said Staff Sgt. William Murray, 569th USFPS unit training instructor. “That way, if they have to use it on someone, they will understand that feeling so they will refrain from using excessive force.”

When responding to a call, these Airmen can encounter a variety of scenarios, including the possibility of a physical altercation. 

To prepare for these incidents, Defenders participate in Red Man training. 

This training serves to prepare the Airmen for a real-life physical altercation with a violent individual through simulation of a real attack.

During the training, the Airmen are provided with safety gear and a baton-like weapon and have to defend themselves from the instructor who is wearing the Red Man training gear. 

The Airmen incorporate all they have learned about how to use the baton effectively and also on how to verbally respond to the attacker so that they can deescalate the situation and subdue the attacker .

“A lot of the new Airmen have never been in an actual fight,” said Murray. “With the large area of responsibility that we cover, there’s a higher probability that we can get into a physical altercation, so we train Airmen on how to defend themselves so that they have the confidence needed to react appropriately.”

This annual by-law training is essential to ensure that these Airmen are effectively enforcing the law and keeping all military, civilian and Department of Defense personnel safe.  

The overall benefit of this training is that the Airmen who enforce the law are able to resolve and deescalate situations and not use excessive use of force.  

The 569th USFPS serves and protects across the entire Kaiserslautern Military Community.