496 ABS Gas Station

There is a gas station at Morón Air Base operated by the NEXMART. It offers unleaded gas only. Hours of operation vary. If you require diesel, you will need to purchase diesel off-base.

You can apply for a Repsol Card through the NEXMART which allows you to purchase gasoline/diesel off-base at a non-taxed, reduced price. Applications are available at the Gas Station and NEXMART.

Gas Stations in Spain

There are several gas stations in and around Spain. Generally, they carry Gasolina 95, Gasolina 98, Gasóleo A, and Gasóleo Premium/Extra/Super/Ultra. Please note that gas off-base is typically more expensive, and some gas stations have attendants and some do not. To purchase gas or diesel, ask an attendant, or go to the cashier for assistance.

Types of fuel include:
Gasolina 95 - This is standard lead-free fuel for all petrol cars
Gasolina 98 - This is higher octane lead-free fuel, and is not always available
Gasóleo A - This is standard diesel
Gasóleo Premium/Extra/Super/Ultra - This is high grade diesel
Moron Air Base Gas Station
Bldg 534
DSN: 772-8566
COM: +34-955-84-8566