Ramstein In-processing

Update May 18, 2018


For info on RIP Schedule

Email: 786fss.ramsteininprocessing@us.af.mil


Airman & Family Readiness Center

DSN 480-5100; +49-6371-47-5100


*** NOTE*** Starting 9 Apr 18 RIP will exclusively be held in the RIP Computer Lab Bldg. 2402.  Seating is limited to 65 personnel.  Once all seats are filled members will be asked to attend the next available briefing.


Upon arrival, ensure you notify your unit that you are in the area if you have not already connected with your sponsor.


All military members are required to attend the 2-day Ramstein In-Processing event, or "RIP," within 5 duty days of arrival. This is a mandatory formation for ALL inbound Airmen, and members are required to be in uniform. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


At a minimum, the following items are required to be hand carried.

- 6 Copies of permanent change of station (PCS) Order and Amendments (if applicable)

- All travel receipts to include the vehicle shipping document

- Sealed PCS envelope from losing Outbound Assignments or Student Actions

- Pen (Black or Blue)

- Government Travel Card (GTC) balance/statement

- Enlisted SURF for all E-4/SrA - regardless of accompanied status and Time-in-Service (TIS)

- BMT & Tech School Certificates for brand new 6-year enlistees


RIP is currently offered twice a week – Monday & Tues and again Thursdays & Friday - in building 2402, room 111 Computer Lab off Maxwell Avenue. The sign-in starts at 7:30 a.m and the first briefing starts at 8:00 a.m. Limited parking is available, so you are encouraged to have your sponsor drop you off.


All U.S. Holidays, Family Days, and Wing Goal/Down Days the RIP will be closed and pick up the next Monday or Thursday depending on the down day.  The Finance brief is on day 2 -- Tuesdays and Fridays -- in building 2402, RIP computer lab. Members must attend the Finance briefing to prevent incurring a large debt.  The Finance briefing starts at 9:00 a.m. and is individually paced due to everyone’s unique travel.



For information about the RIP schedule, email 786fss.ramsteininprocessing@us.af.mil, or visit our SharePoint from a NIPR computer at https://portal.usafe.af.mil/sites/86MSG/435MSS/786th%20Force%20Support%20Squadron/ROP/SitePages/Home.aspx


Base INTRO is hosted by the AFRC on Wednesdays, and held in the Enlisted Club from 7:30 a.m. to approximately 12 p.m.  Base INTRO will cover various regional and local policies and guidelines, host nation/Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) regulations, as well as valuable information for family members.  Spouses are welcome to attend; however, there is a Ramstein Spouses Orientation held every other Monday, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Airman & Family Readiness Center (includes medical enrolment & lunch). Registration is mandatory and can be done by calling 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100.


After completing RIP, you will still need to complete the following:


- Base INTRO if not attended prior to RIP

- Finding a house

- Vehicle pickup (if shipped)

- Any additional unit-specific in-processing actions


Maps of the installation and Kaiserslautern Military Community area available from your sponsors or can be requested at RIP.


For those newcomers joining 3rd Air Force, 17th Air Force or U.S. Air Forces in Europe staffs, you will be released at lunch to in-process your respective Commander's Support Staff. Feel free to contact them directly with additional questions.


3rd AF - DSN 314-478-9826

17th AF - DSN 314-478-1780

USAFE - DSN 314-480-8128