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Official portrait of Col. Michael T. Rawls, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and 435th Air Expeditionary Wing commander. (Air Force photo) Colonel Michael T. Rawls

Colonel Michael T. Rawls is the Commander, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing (EUCOM) and the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing (AFRICOM), Ramstein Air Base, Germany. These specialized wings provide battlefield and expeditionary Airmen to combatant commanders and are capable of responding to humanitarian and contingency operations throughout the world. The two wings are comprised of 6 groups, 20 squadrons and more than 2,300 personnel across 15 installations in Germany, Italy and Africa. Specific areas of expertise include tactical air control-party, battlefield weather, air base opening and operations, command and control, aerial port, aircraft maintenance, security, theater-wide communications, personnel recovery, tactical airlift, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.