It's Your Move, Ramstein

  • Published
  • By Brian Muller
  • 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron
This article launches a two-part series titled "It's Your Move, Ramstein," and focuses on providing a "Household Goods 101" to our military members and their families. The next installment will publish in mid-May and focus on Passenger Travel requirements.

For many in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, summer means school vacation, travel throughout Europe and the United States, and time to enjoy long daylight hours and quiet evenings with our German hosts. For the traffic management professionals in the 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron, these months coincide with peak season - the busiest time of year for permanent change of station moves for American families in the KMC. Last year, our move counselors processed 20,000 moves for the KMC.

As the Ramstein Traffic Management Officer, my most important takeaway for family PCS moves is plan early. To start the Household Goods PCS process, go to This is the link to the Defense Personal Property System. You can use either a user name/password combination or a CAC to login and start the process.

DPS is a web based computer system to assist the movement of household goods for military members and Department of Defense civilians. It automates many steps involved in military moves: pre-move counseling, scheduling, tracking, billing and claims for household goods shipments. DPS is online 24/7 and allows service members to make arrangements anywhere, any time with online access to the information about their PCS household goods move.

While DPS has an incredible amount of information and all the tools you'll need to successfully process your household goods movement, TSgt Ixtel Delucy and her staff of LRS traffic management professionals at the Ramstein PPPO host mass briefings for PCSing families to make this experience even better for their customers. Held on Ramstein, bldg. 2106, room 401 every Monday and Tuesday at 7:45 a.m., these briefings explain customs, agriculture and special considerations like high-value items and timelines.

The day you receive your orders is the day you need to get back into DPS and complete your move request. When you enter the information from your orders, more counseling information specific to your move will become available. After reading the information on topics like car shipping and high value items, complete the counseling and "submit" your application. Once you submit the application, contact PPPO to make an individual appointment for final counseling where you'll sign for the dates of your household goods move. Please note, for the most part the dates you request for packing and pickup can be met, but during peak season not all requested dates may be accommodated. Members should work closely with PPPO to ensure you have the most current information on the status of your move.

Customer service continues throughout your moving process. During your scheduled packing days, a US customs inspector and/or an agricultural inspector may visit your home. If you have questions or concerns about the movers or the service they are providing, call the 86th LRS Quality Assurance inspectors immediately. You'll get their contact information during your PPPO counseling appointment and they are available while the movers pack, load and move your goods. Remember, don't wait until after the movers leave to report a problem; their company is being paid to provide a service, and the quality assurance staff will help ensure your family gets all required support throughout the transition. Have an awesome transition - our Professionals are here to help!