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On behalf of the 496th Air Base Squadron, located in Morón de la Frontera, Spain, we would like to extend you a warm welcome to the Matador Team. An assignment to Morón is a unique opportunity to embrace Spanish culture, travel Europe, and create lasting memories.


Moron Air base is in the Spanish region of Andalusia, approximately 30 miles southeast of its capital Seville, and 75 northeast of the Spanish & American Naval Station Rota. The 496th ABS is a crucial part of the 65th Air Base Group in Lajes, Portugal, which operates under the 86th Airlift Wing in Ramstein, Germany. Morón Air Base is a vital link in any operation moving east from the United States due to its strategic location close to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, its massive flight line, long runaway, aircraft refueling systems and excellent weather.


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