Updated June 23 2021


Ramstein Out-Processing (ROP)


As of 01 February 2018 ROP is no longer an in person briefing.  Out-processing personnel are able to view the ROP PowerPoint slides with audio, and print needed documents via the RIP/ROP SharePoint. The link to the SharePoint is: 


Users must have a common access card in order to access the SharePoint site.


Support Agencies:

Outbound Assignments (786 FSS)

Separations & Retirements (786 FSS)

Medical Group (86 MDG)

TMO Passenger Travel (86 LRS)

TMO Household Goods (86 LRS)

Finance (86 CPTS)

Utility Tax Avoidance Program (UTAP)

Vehicle De-Registration (569 USFPS)

Housing (86 CES)


NOTE*** Please ensure to follow all guidance and directions in the briefing in order to have your vOP Checklist loaded in a timely manner.


For any questions or concerns, please email our office at or call DSN: 480-6559, Commercial: 06371476559