Updated December 18 2017

Ramstein Out-Processing (ROP)


Starting 1 February 2018 the ROP briefing is going virtual, and will no longer be utilizing the E-Club for in-person out-processing.  Out-processing personnel will be able to view the ROP PowerPoint slides with audio, and print needed documents via the RIP/ROP SharePoint. The link to the SharePoint is:

Once on the home page you will see hyperlinks on the left of the page for each agency’s briefings. The slide shows from the below supporting agencies will be available. Click on hyperlink and a new page will open up. Select the briefing and the slides will open up via PowerPoint.  Remember to click the Slide Show button on the bottom right of the PowerPoint to view the presentation with the audio.

NOTE*** Members must still attend the in person ROP until 1 February 2018.


Members must still attend the in-person ROP until 1 February 2018.


Support Agencies:  


Outbound Assignments (786 FSS)

Separations & Retirements (786 FSS)

Medical Group (86 MDG)

TMO Passenger Travel (86 LRS)

TMO Household Goods (86 LRS)

Finance (86 CPTS)

Utility Tax Avoidance Program (UTAP)

Vehicle De-Registration (569 USFPS)

Housing (86 CES)

After viewing each Support Agency’s slide show, e-mail the RIP/ROP Org Box at and the subject line should read: "ROP slides review completed." Upon receipt of your e-mail, your vOP checklist will be loaded.  Please allow up to 3 duty days for the checklist to be available.  Your e-mail must contain the below information:


Projected Date of Departure: DD Mon Yr



For any questions or concerns, please email our office or call DSN: 480-6559, Commercial: 06371476559